"Design is thinking made visual."​​​​​​​

I made this poster with Bauhaus influence as the Bauhaus movement, in my opinion, perfectly encapsulated what Saul Bass was alluding to in his famous quote. I also made this poster an homage to the many movie posters Bass is known for with my placement of the content and his name.

​​​​​​​"The Pencil is mightier than the Pixel."

Clive Cochran is a designer and mentor to my professor at NMSU, Jacob Muñoz. This poster illustrates the importance of an understanding of fundamentals that makes or breaks a good designer.

"There is no design without discipline, there is no discipline without intelligence."

Famous for his work on the New York subway maps, Massimo Vignelli is a designer renowned for his methodical design style. My poster was inspired by Vignelli's work on the subway maps as well as his fundamental beliefs of what good design is.

Japanese Modern

This poster was designed, and named after, the style of the famous design movement: Japanese Modern. On top of the inherent Japanese Modern themes, this poster was designed to incorporate the South-Western themes of El Paso, Texas.

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