2022 State of the University System
A notable project from my time at New Mexico State University. Typography is one of my favorites aspects of design and this piece was no exception. I am happy to note that this publication design won a Gold award at the 2021 Hermes Creative Awards.
My time at New Mexico State University
A small collection of work that I chose to display my time and progression as a designer at New Mexico State University.
New Mexico State University Social Media
A small collection of some Holiday and Event posts I've developed for the NMSU social media team. These posts span Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.
International Typographic Style
A magazine spread designed and written by myself for the purpose of elaborating on the International Typographic Style. Also known as 'Swiss' design, it is a school of design I respect greatly for its meticulous layouts.
Renaissance Graphic Design
A catalogue written and designed by myself, with the intent of educating people on a lesser known artistic medium of the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance is often associated with painting and sculpture, yet quite a few design fundamentals originated from this movement.
Caustic Crypt
A roguelike style 1-4 player board game where the goal is to make it to the end of the dungeon without dying. There are a whole mess of creatures looking to eat you on your journey, as well as some fun hidden surprises and shopkeepers to help aid you in your arduous adventure. All art assets were done by Nicholas Ostella. All game mechanics were designed by Judah Tveito and Magwa Hairstonel.
EXO, New Album
Splash pages for a fictional metal band. Designed by Nicholas Ostella, any likeness to real entities is entirely coincidental. This was designed purely for the purpose of bettering my design capabilities.
Super Trikes
Logo and bi-fold brochure design for an up-and-coming company in the business of selling electric powered drift trikes. The design is focused around the ideals of independence and freedom in a recreational activity for young adults. This work in its entirety is purely conceptual, for the purposes of bettering my design capabilities.
Homage to the Greats
A collection of posters designed to pay respect to some of the great designers and design movements I've taken influence from.
Arrowhead Innovation Fund
Mockup splash pages and stationery developed for the Arrorrowhead Innovation Fund during a period where they underwent a change in branding.
A Collection of Logos
A small collection of logos I have designed. These logos range from professionally utilized work, to conceptual work.
Earth Water Air Fire
A trifold brochure mockup done based upon the Earth Water Air Fire exhibition by Carole Feuerman that took place in 2010 at the El Paso Museum of Art. I designed the brochure based upon Feuerman's fascination with swimmers and the beach. This design was done independently from Carole Feuerman and the El Paso Museum of Art, as a fan-based project. This work in its entirety is purely conceptual, for the purposes of bettering my design capabilities.
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